About / Calgary, Banff, Canmore Photographer

At Wild Heart Photography we believe in free spirits, living life in every moment, pursuing curiosity, loving passionately and cherishing joy.

My name is Laura Parry, founder and lead photographer at Wild Heart Photography. My love for what I do is fuelled by a passion for people and the moments that make our lives unique. 

Photographing people during monumental moments in their lives made me realize I get the chance to connect on a level with my clients that many jobs don't allow. I get to be a part of something so special, and provide them with images they will cherish their entire lives. I've always wanted to be a part of something important and to me, I can't think of anything more important than capturing people's joy in a creative way for them to be reminded of happiness and love, always.  

10 Things About Me

I believe in individuality and connecting with my clients on a deeper level, so here’s a little introduction to me and some of my quirks and favourite things. I’d love to get to know you and your love story too!

1. My favourite part about a wedding is when I steal away the bride and groom for photos. They often forget about me (temporarily) and during this time they are so real with each other, so excited, so in love. It is the coolest thing to witness and capture. 

2. I don't drink coffee (I know, I know!) I drink green tea instead, because I definitely could not live without caffeine. My fave mug reads "Big Boss" on the front...I originally got it for my husband but...I felt it suited me more ;)

3. I love to randomly grab my camera and take a drive. I go with no plan. I come to an intersection and at that moment pick a direction. I do this until I come across something I want to photograph. Doing this had led me to some of my favourite personal photographs.

4. I love mid century modern decor. I may need to live in one of those swanky hotels that do this style so well one day (like in Palm Springs or LA). 

5. My beverages of choice are a Negorni, Chardonnay, or my go to; a California Cab Sauv. 

6. I can't live without my husband Tom's foot massages, my gigantic 'old fashioned' desk calendar, and the 'do not disturb' mode on my iphone. 

7. If I had to describe myself in three words it would be free spirited, excited and curious. 

8. I was an original "Fire & Ice Girl" for the Calgary Flames. No, I never wiped out (thank goodness).  

9. So far I have been to 31 countries. I plan to visit the same amount of countries as years I am old. This year I am 32 so I need to get on another trip STAT. 

10. I love Calgary! I love all of the sunshine Calgary gets as I definitely don't mesh well with grey skies. Call me crazy but, I also love winter. I‘m also really loving all the amazing restaurants we have now, the foodie situation has taken leaps and bounds the past few years! I am the biggest fan of the view from an airplane at the Calgary airport. Whether flying in or out I get an overwhelming sense of pride seeing my 'hometown' from way up there.